“If God can do anything, God can do everything, there is nothing too hard for God.”
Bishop Sedgwick Charles Daniels

It is with great joy that I welcome you to Holy Redeemer’s official Website.  As you explore, you will experience a demonstration of the faithfulness of God in ministry.  For thirty two years the Lord has blessed Holy Redeemer Int. Church to provide quality programs and ministries to our congregants, extended family, and community. Countless families have benefited from our mandate to glorify God, win souls,
and edify believers.  Our mandate and focus is clear, our purpose is understandable and reachable.  Such longevity does not occur without challenges and disappointment; we have face such with courage, faith and victory. We understand the importance of personal empowerment and innovative thinking.

Although, monumental visions have unfold, our mission is not complete, we aspire to continue to be obedient to the call God has entrusted to us.  I wish to personally congratulate and thank the many supporters, (past and present) for your confidence, prayers and stewardship.  I salute and applaud every committed member and friend of Holy Redeemer for your never-ending loyalty and confidence.
Such success otherwise could not have been obtained, and we encourage you to continue your supportive efforts.   We have a very rich past, a prosperous present, and a promising future. We must remember that God is the source of our strength, hope of our victory, and the glory of our existence.

Moreover, I praise God for our sainted warriors, (especially Mother Kathryn Daniels) who pioneered our Godly path As we restore the breach, “let us remember our heritage and embrace our promise”. What a privilege and honor to minister for God and his people.  And continue to remember, “There is Nothing Too Hard For God.”


Bishop Sedgwick Daniels
3500 West Mother Daniels Way
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53209
414-466-1800 Fax: 414-466-9294